Jessica Arndt and Sarah Scarchilli Share the Spooky Side of Mediumship

Psychic mediums Jessica Arndt and Sarah Scarchilli join co-hosts Krista Tew and Emily Hester to discuss the spooky side of mediumship. Even though they touched on the lower vibrational frequencies, Jessica and Sarah resonate more in the higher light filled levels.

They invite all to come to their next Psychic Medium Gallery Reading event on Saturday, September 23rd from 6 pm – 9 pm at Soul Synergy, 3010 Lakeland Cove, Suite X, Flowood, MS 39232. Note: September 23rd’s event has been cancelled. Registration is available for December 9th’s event.

Join Sarah and Jessica for an evening with Spirit! Get ready to laugh, cry, release, and rejoice as they share their energetic gifts. Experience unconditional love, laughter, healing, and
connection. We invite you to feel at home while receiving healing messages from loved ones in spirit. Register here.