Support Us

Our Metaphysical Mississippi Community appreciates you and encourages you to get involved. 

If you feel led to contribute, you may do so by giving financially, by sharing your venue for meetups, or participate in outreach projects for our area.

Suggested Ways to Give and Show Your Support:

Become a patron by…

…attending our Jackson metro area meetup: $5 suggested attendance fee

…sponsoring to our our digital media fund: $30 suggested sponsorship to pay it forward for the next video/podcast production

…attending and contributing to our state wide pop-up meetup fund: $10 for travel expenses

Any dollar amount or even just sharing our content with others is much appreciated!

Contact us for more information.

We are taking Metaphysical Mississippi on the road to travel across our state! We’d love for everyone to join in and donate to help us make this happen. If you are interested in being a venue host for an upcoming Pop-up Meetup in 2024, we’d love to hear from you. We want to take Metaphysical Mississippi Pop-up Meetups throughout our state. More are on the radar if the need and support is there.