Ask A Witch With Willow, Mercury and Jamie Della Author of A Box of Magick

For our 4th installment of our “ASK A Witch” series we have a special guest, author Jamie Della joining Kelly Smith aka Mercury, and Christy Littlefield aka Willow. Not only will they answer audience questions about the practice of witchcraft, but they will talk about Jamie’s upcoming book A Box of Magick.

A Box of Magick shares seeds of magickal wisdom and shows us how to turn them into a blossoming, evolving magickal life, spiced with the essence of our own unique spirit. Available September 26, 2023. Bonus features available for all pre-orders!

About our guests:

Jamie Della is a priestess, healer, Xicana witch, and creativity mentor. She is the author of nine books, including most recently The Book of Spells: The Magick of Witchcraft, and is the author of the Herbal Journeys column in Witches & Pagans magazine. Learn more at

Kelly Smith (Mercury) is a Practitioner, Social Media Managerelle, Social Media Manager and Certified Reiki Practitioner/Shamanic Energyworker and Intuitive Card Reader at Jax-Zen Healing Arts Center. She is a Ritual Candlemaker, and Creator/Owner of TwinMoonMagick Candles & Craft. Learn more at

Christy Littlefield (Willow) is a Herbalist, Biodynamic Herb Farmer, Meditation Guide, Reiki Practitioner, and Intuitive Card Reader at Jax-Zen Healing Arts Center. Learn more at Littlefield of Herbs.