September’s Round Up

We are on the heels of our first Metaphysical Mississippi Meetup in Magee, Mississippi (say that three times fast.)

A big heartfelt “THANK YOU” goes out to Ada Martin for hosting us at her beautiful space, Hands of Earth Energy. We also appreciate all who showed up. We had a few of our regulars and a handful of new folks join our group. It was wonderful meeting new people and having everyone share their stories with one another. One thing I love about our Meetup is that each one of them is different and special in their own unique way. This past meeting was no exception in its significance. For those who were there, your love and respect for others was phenomenal. I witnessed such an outpouring of compassion, grace and support as we shared space and experiences.

Those who know me personally, know that I LOVE to meet new people. I remember my parents telling me that I began talking at a young age. As a small child, I never met a stranger. My granny worked at a dry goods store (google it if you don’t know what that is) back when I was a baby. And they would set me on the counter in a little baby carrier and I would just babble to everyone who came in. Somewhere during the elementary school years of my childhood, I became self conscious and shy. I guess life experiences and programming can change us, or maybe it was a way to cope and adapt to things in my life that I had no control over. It was not until my early adulthood that I gained the confidence to be friendly and talkative again. I was in my late 40’s before I felt confident enough to explore who I really am. I love this journey. I am still discovering new things about myself, this world, our universe, and beyond.

Those who know me well also know that I am constantly evaluating reality and always looking at things from multiple angles or from as many perspectives as I can. It is a constant unfolding of awareness and evolution.

With these two attributes of mine, comes the fueling of my admiration and love for this community. I want to stay open and aware of the ever growing changes that we as a society must adapt to and adjust for.

So as I ponder and reflect over this month’s recent Metaphysical Mississippi Meetup and the Roundup newsletter, the core concept of what our community is and where it is going, keeps dancing in my head. To be honest, I do not know exactly where we are going or how it is going to look. Yet, I do know Metaphysical Mississippi is growing. I feel it is important to be a supportive and safe place for new people that come along and contribute to this growth.

With this realization and awareness, I want to share some clarity on what I perceive the purpose for the Meetup is, at least for now. It serves as a “calling card” for Metaphysical Mississippi and a doorway for many people who are exploring metaphysics. For some, this is the first time they are physically interacting in a social situation with other people in this arena and in this way. I feel it is important that we be cognizant of this. This awareness has me looking at tweaking a few things.

With this in mind, I am asking that no photos be taken during the Monthly Meetups. I feel it is now more important than ever that the Meetups be a safe and sacred space. As we grow, more people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, past experiences and spiritual paths will be joining our community. Let’s please be as accepting and as neutral as possible. If photos are taken before or after the meeting, please only capture people that you have their express permission to do so, especially if you are considering posting on social media. In addition, please be mindful of those in the background or passing by.

These Meetups hold a special place in my heart. For it was this platform in which I was introduced to the next phase of my spiritual path. It was where I was given the wings to fly. It was where I found my maps to explore and discover. And though we may have to change with the times or adjust to how society functions, I still hope to be able to be a caretaker and nurturer of these opportunities for people to find their way.

I would like to close with two things I say frequently about Metaphysical Mississippi.

“We may not always be like minded, but we can be like hearted.”

“We are not “THE” TRIBE. I think we are broader and more open than that. But this is where you may find Your Tribe.”