Hadley Thorne’s DAWNBREAKER Book Release

Co-hosts, Krista and Emily interview Mississippi based author Hadley Thorne about her new book Dawnbreaker: The House of Blood and SunA Tale from the Tapestry of Worlds. Kindle Edition release set for 3/17/2023 for St. Patrick’s Day. Pre-order your copy today. Paperback and Audible coming soon!

Hadley is welcoming her readers an exciting new installment in her Tapestry of Worlds with the tale of Dawnbreaker: the House of Blood and Sun. A thrilling story of earthly pleasures and spellbinding magic, courts ruled by immortals, fae, vampires, and other kin.

Born and raised in Mississippi, Hadley Thorne considers herself a seeker of ancient truths, forgotten knowledge, and unsolved mysteries. She describes herself as a dream journeyer, a weaver of the flows, a phoenix soul, a guardian, and a conjurer of the Wyrd. Find out more by visiting her listing on our Directory of Businesses & Services.

For those familiar with her stories, Hadley is able to balance realism with magic due to her love of mythology, folklore, and spirituality. When not creating new worlds, Hadley Thorne is developing a podcasting network called Wyrd Realities. Founded on the principle of what inspires your creativity, Wyrd Realities has grown to include several writers, researchers, and creative types that weave storytelling, truth-seeking, and the pursuit of knowledge together in hopes of uniting the curious and the weird minds that share common interests together.

You can find out more about Hadley at her website hadleythorne.net and if you want to discover more about the Wyrd Realities Network, go to wyrdrealities.net.