Kirtan At Cedar Tree Farms March 19th with Amrit Joti Kaur

It is time to call in the Spring Equinox and I cannot think of a better way than gathering with other people out in nature.  I would love to personally invite you all to join me as I attend my first Kirtan.  I have practiced yoga with Amrit in the past and look forward to meeting with her on the mat again.  Hope to see you there.

Krista Tew

Join us at Cedar Tree Farms to welcome Spring! 

This will be an outdoor event.  Bring a yoga mat, chair or cushion to sit on, and towel or blanket, whatever you need to be comfortable.  

This is a donation based event. 
For more information please contact: Jennifer Malik, Text 601-218-5525 or Krista Tew, Text 601-506-0416

 Below are more details about the event. 

Kirtan – a yoga tradition to honor unconditional love

Kirtan is a gathering of praise for the Divine through sound and mantra chanting. The word “kirtan” stems from a Sanskrit root that means to cut through. Mantra is an ancient call-and-response form of chanting from the Vedic texts. Kirtan is a practice for cutting through the idea of separation, for connecting to our hearts and connecting to the moment.

Kirtan creates a space, a presence, a feeling – deep within that is love, pure being, pure awareness and pure joy – that place inside of us that is our true nature. It is a guide to the awareness of that sacred place within that is quiet and still.

2 – 3 pm

Donation based event
About the presenter:  
Amrit (@amritjotikaur) helps people transform their bodies, minds, and spirits through sound and movement. She specializes in Kundalini yoga and kirtan, a rhythmic, collective musical performance in which words and mantras holding a high spiritual vibration are repeated. Amrit traveled India for almost three years studying yoga and ancient Indian philosophy. Her professional background is in law, people and project management. Amrit is an Air Force combat veteran and a beautiful human.