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Shari Crook and Krista Tew, Owners
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Shari Crook Turnage and Krista Tew, Owners

Multi-modality practitioner collaborative provides alternative options for mind, body and spirit. Services Offered are Massage, Yoga, Health Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Sound Therapy, Singing Bowls, Reiki, Meditation. Visit this calm and tranquil space.

Holistic Health and Healing of Mississippi is a collection of practitioners in the HEALING ARTS. Our space is an inviting, intimate, comfortable environment for practitioners to guide and assist clients on their wellness and spiritual journey. Rental space is available for practitioners to see clients for private sessions. We also have a conference room that is ideal for meetings, small group events, classes or workshops. For more information email at or text Krista Tew at 601-506-0416.

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132 Riverview Dr Ste D