What is the Significance of Halloween for a Witch? Part 3 of 3 Episodes

Technology is the art of arranging the world so that we do not notice it.

Willow (Christy Littlefield)

Emily Hester interviews Christy Littlefield and Kelly Smith, Green Witches, also known as Willow and Kelle. They both practice in the Jackson Mississippi metro area. This is part three of three episodes. In part three, Willow and Kelle discuss fall celebrations, seasons and how technology distracts us from the world around us. Both are on Facebook/Instagram: Kelle (Twin Moon Magick/twinmoonmagick) and Willow (Christy Littlefield/littlefieldofherbs). Their products can be found at jax-zen.com. Visit our website metaphysicalms.com for parts one and two. We talk about upcoming events, Vibe Fest Oct. 29, 2022 and Samhain Mini-Festival Nov. 5, 2022. Both are open to the public. To learn more check out https://www.jax-zen.com/ for Vibe Fest Earthly Vibrations Festival 2022 at Midtown Depot in Jackson, MS. For the Samhain Mini-Festival presented by The Temple of Witchcraft MS, check out the Mississippi Pagan Meet and Greet (private group) on Facebook or register at https://tinyurl.com/Samhainregistration.