How Can You Use Your Intuition to Benefit You as an Entrepreneur? Implement Nourishing Practices

Emily Hester and Heidi Gill with Nourishing Practices discuss topics from intuition, social media, work friend balance, entrepreneurship, as well as her upcoming classes, retreats, and events. To learn more visit her website

Heidi and Emily talk about more than just spooky experiences in Metaphysical Mississippi’s latest video and podcast. Here are a few things Heidi has going on:

October 26th- Free on Zoom, Digestive Wellness 101 Workshop, Monthly from 6 – 8pm

November 1st- available online and at Holistic Health & Healing, Food Journaling as a Mindfulness Tool Workshop (starts the next 6 weeks session)
5:30 – 6:30 pm In person
7 – 8 pm Online Version

Full Moon Circle on the full moon at Holistic Health & Healing, Jackson Moon Circles on Facebook, Monthly from 7- 9pm