What Does a Typical Day of a Witch Look Like? Having a Heart for Community! Part 2 of 3 Episodes

Emily Hester interviews Christy Littlefield and Kelly Smith, Green Witches, also known as Willow and Kelle. They both practice in the Jackson Mississippi metro area. This is part two of three episodes.

In part two, Willow and Kelle share their daily rituals, but it is not a religion it’s a divination. Kelle emphasizes that in her daily practices she is mindful of the fact that witchcraft is intention and perception, being responsible and respectful. Intention is everything and we are all on the same planet and space and things are cyclical. Intention is best when it is community based, not leaving anyone out, but community with open doors. Willow is about to start her 4th year with the Temple of Witchcraft and shares how she really relates to author Christopher Penczak and his way of teaching. They teach you how to make your practice personal. The key to a great teacher is to teach you how to make the practice yours. They don’t call themselves a coven they call themselves a circle because everyone is equal, there are no followers.

Willow goes on to share how they practice at Jax-Zen. “Our typical day is helping people relax and get out of their head and just be here now, even if it is just for 30 minutes or 90 minutes while floating, a massage, or Reiki.” All in all, having a heart for Mississippi and the work done at Jax-Zen helps the community. Both contact information for Kelle (Twin Moon Magick) and Willow (Littlefield of Herbs), and their products can be found at jax-zen.com.

We talk about upcoming events, Vibe Fest Oct. 29, 2022 and Samhain Mini-Festival Nov. 5, 2022. Both are open to the public. To learn more check out https://www.jax-zen.com/ for Vibe Fest Earthly Vibrations Festival 2022 at Midtown Depot in Jackson, MS. For the Samhain Mini-Festival presented by The Temple of Witchcraft MS, check out the Mississippi Pagan Meet and Greet (private group) on Facebook or register at https://tinyurl.com/Samhainregistration.