Episode 33: Hadley Thorne’s DAWNBREAKER Book Release

Co-hosts, Krista and Emily interview Mississippi based author Hadley Thorne about her new book Dawnbreaker: The House of Blood and Sun – A Tale from the Tapestry of Worlds. Kindle Edition release set for 3/17/2023 for St. Patrick’s Day. Pre-order your copy today! Paperback and Audible coming soon! Hadley is welcoming her readers an exciting new installment in her Tapestry of Worlds with the tale of Dawnbreaker: the House of Blood and Sun. A thrilling story of earthly pleasures and spellbinding magic, courts ruled by immortals, fae, vampires, and other kin. Born and raised in Mississippi, Hadley Thorne considers herself a seeker of ancient truths, forgotten knowledge, and unsolved mysteries. She describes herself as a dream journeyer, a weaver of the flows, a phoenix soul, a guardian, and a conjurer of the Wyrd. Find out more by visiting her listing on our Directory of Businesses & Services.

Metaphysical Mississippi
Metaphysical Mississippi
Episode 33: Hadley Thorne's DAWNBREAKER Book Release

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