November’s Roundup

November’s Roundup

by: Krista Tew, Director of Metaphysical Mississippi

We finally got some decent rain here in Central Mississippi.  Of course our first really significant rain in many months came at the start of the Down to Earth Campout hosted by Holistic Hearts Collaborative and Jax-Zen.  But a little rain did NOT dampen our spirits or spoil our fun.  If anything it was welcomed with open arms.  As a matter of fact, I think it was divinely timed.

Speaking of the Campout, what a fabulous event. I am still floating and flowing from the experience.  This was a great opportunity to not only connect with nature, but connect with other people in a laid back, accepting environment.  The highlights of the weekend for me, in addition to the rain, were the ecstatic dance and drum circle.  The food was absolutely amazing and accommodations were comfortable and pleasant.  Thank you to all who participated, facilitated and served.

There have been several events that have taken place in the community since the last newsletter.  At the moment, I am at my office at Holistic Health and Healing where I hear laughter and lovely conversation coming from our Metaphysical Mississippi Book Club taking place in the classroom.  Last weekend I attended the Exploring Consciousness Workshop where we took a deep dive into meditation through sound technology developed from The Monroe Institute.  I have worked through these types of exercises before, yet it was still life changing for me.  If you did not get a chance to attend the workshop, there will be another opportunity to experience this early next year. (See below for details.)  

This month’s Meetup was also very special to me.  We had a smaller than usual turnout, but my, was it powerful.  The conversation was DEEP and the vibe was HIGH!  Thank you to those who shared their heart and soul with the group as we discussed gratitude and grief, and all the stuff in between, the twists and turns that life bestows on us.   

Note from Emily:

Thank you to all those who participated in the surprise for Krista, by attending or purchasing a ticket for the Costume Party at Russells on Oct. 29th. Here is a list of all who contributed:

Allyn Evans
Nette Wade
Ben Tripp
Beth Herzig
Billy Jo Bolton
Deanna Clark
Debi Lewis 
Dottie Prestel
Duann Kier
Glen Turnage
Hadley Thorne
Heidi Gill
James Hester
Janet McLellan
Jason Lee
Jennifer Malik
Jessica Arndt 
Karen Parker
Kelly Smith
Kim Hawke
Lisa Jordan
La’Trisha Dumas
Libby Spence
Natalie West
Paula Franklin
Ron Tew
Russell Holley
Sarah Foreman
Sarah Scarchilli
Scott and Melanie Stewart
Shari Turnage
Sharon Hastings
Sunny Kraft
Tammy Hudgens
WYRD Realities
Whitney Carson

For more information on upcoming events, check out our Events Calendar at or revisit our last Mashup Newsletter here

Below are a few tidbits to mention before the next Metaphysical Mississippi Mashup Newsletter:

Thank you to all who came out to the meetup!

Emily Hester

Metaphysical Mississippi 

Production Manager


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