Mother Daughter Duo Share How They Are Finding Balance In Relationships

Hosts Krista Tew and Emily have Bayleigh Shafer and Megan Ravenscroft on the podcast. They are a mother daughter duo working on rebuilding their relationship by working through their past and building new patterns for their future. After their relationship crashed and burned they had to take a huge step back from each other. They spent a year apart working on themselves until they were divinely brought back together to talk. Since then they have rebuilt their relationship and are now following their new found passion to help others find their balance within themselves and their relationships. 

Bayleigh Shafer Bio:

  Bayleigh is a young woman who has discovered two reoccurring passions in her life one of the human body and its role in our daily enjoyment of life and two a deep desire to start a family. Over the last year she has taken steps to become a yoga instructor in hopes of helping others physically move through life with more enjoyment. She also married her sweetheart of 6 years and they will have their first baby this November. 

 Instagram @bayleigh_ravens 

 Facebook @Bayleigh Shafer 

 Megan Preszler Ravenscroft Bio:

 Megan is a 43 year young, single, mother and soon to be YaYa! Since her mother passed, Megan, has been on a “Spiritual Adventure” to find herself and really explore what her beliefs and gifts might be. Megan is an Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner ~ Energetic Healing, in Stevensville, Montana. She is also a Space holder for Ceremonial Facilitation, Wellness Circles, Sisters Circle and soon to be offering Intuitive Meditation and Mindfulness Wellness Coaching. 

 Instagram @montana.megs 

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