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Emily Hester Virtual Assistant
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Emily Hester

I’m here to offer administrative support for you and your business. If you don’t have the space, time or money to bring on an additional employee, I’m your answer. I work remotely as an independent contractor with a flexible schedule for my clients.  Next, I’m here to help you with a big project. Setting up your online profile for you. Walking you through how to manage it on your own. Cleaning up your inbox. Launching a campaign for an upcoming event. Giving your website an updated face lift. Lastly, I'm here to brainstorm virtually to help you reach your business goals.

I have over 10 years customer service experience in a variety of areas, call center, retail, and the hospitality sectors. I have over 10 years of content creation experience in local publications and through blogging (specializing in family history research, green living advice, and devotional journaling). I have over five years experience working remotely as an independent contractor in the educational assessment sector. I currently have clients throughout the southeastern United States.

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