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Holistic Mystic of Mississippi
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Marcia Robison

To contact, text with name and details. Messages will be returned. Certified as the following: Tibetan Usui Reiki Master Healer, Crystal Energy Healer, Psychic Intuitive (Shamanic Stone Divination & Life Path Readings),Celtic Shaman (blessing land/ space or home), Aromatherapist, Feng Shui consultant, Licensed Art Educator via MDE, Creator of Holistic Mystic of Mississippi Protection products: Empath Clearing Bath, Sage & Palo Santo Smudging Sprays, Beard oils, Candles, etc.
Text 601-447-8619 or email holisticmysticms@gmail.com.

Janet Mclellan
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Janet Mclellan
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To register for classes email j_mclellan@att.net or text 601-624-1233.

Janet Mclellan is an artist whose work harmonizes energy and design, drawing inspiration from her 30 years of Reiki training and expertise in Feng Shui. After formal training in the arts at Southern Utah University, Janet embarked on a transformative journey as a Reiki master, delving into the ancient art of energy healing. Intrigued by the power of energy, she immersed herself in Feng Shui for 20 (plus) years and obtained a degree in Feng Shui and Design from the New York institute of Design.

Combining her artist talent with her knowledge of energy and design, Janet has created a unique artistic style that radiates harmony and balance. Janet’s journey from artist to Reiki master and Feng Shui practitioner/teacher showcases her dedication to her craft and the fusion of art, energy, and design.

She now lives and practices in the Jackson area, where she spends time with her spouse and her two dogs.

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