Are You Feeling Overwhelmed and Can’t Conceive Using Meditation in Your Life? Take A Breath With Beth

Beth has a heart for people and the need to present. She is known in the Jackson Metro area for meditation. About meditation, she says, “it’s not traveling away, it’s showing up.” I asked her if meditation help adapt to changes during the pandemic, she responded, “I really saw the Interconnectivity of everything…it gave me the opportunity to practice with a bunch of different people…when everything went online.” @takeabreathwithbeth

Upcoming events:
Meditation 101 at Wolfe Studio with Beth & Ashlee, Thursdays at 6:00 pm

Flowering Lotus Meditations, online retreat
“More Than Words: Writing as a Means of Discovery” workshop. November 5th

Mississippi Insight Meditation
Online Dharma Talk and Meditation, Every Tuesday 6:30 pm CT

To learn more about Beth and Meditation in Mississippi visit:,, and