What Is a Pop up Meetup and Where Are We Heading?

1 – What the heck is Metaphysical Mississippi? In a nutshell, it was created over five years ago, by Duann Kier, but is now facilitated by Krista Tew, the current Director of Metaphysical Mississippi. The meetups were a way to get metaphysically minded individuals together for networking, support, and socializing. To learn more check out Metaphysical Mississippi’s First Video Podcast.

2 – What is a Pop Up Meetup?

Traditionally, meetups were held in the Jackson metro area. We’ve been getting interest in taking them throughout the state of Mississippi. Venues may vary, but what happens within the gathering remains the same, support and fellowship with a diverse group of people. To learn more check out What to Expect at a Metaphysical MS Meetup, Its History and Where to Next.

3 – Do I need to be a Holistic practitioner to attend? Is this a networking group?

No, this group is for metaphysically curious people, as well as practitioners. We encourage networking at the meetups; for example, bring your business cards, or flyers for upcoming events going on in our community. But networking is only a part of it, fellowship with like minded individuals is the main focus for our meetups.  And of course if you are still unsure whether you want to attend a meetup, check out First Impressions of September’s Metaphysical MS Meetup at Russells Yoga to get a feel for it. 

4 – When and where is our next Pop Up Meetup?

We are launching our first Pop Up Meetup outside the Jackson metro area in Starkville on January 22nd. Miki Bryant with Soulflower Healing Arts Studio is our venue host. To learn more about Soulflower Healing Arts Studio, check out What Is Empowerment Training and How Do the Challenges of Our Experiences Reveal Our Authentic Self?

The Meetup starts at 2 pm and lasts until 4 pm on Sunday, January 22nd. The host venue is Soulflower Healing Arts Studio, located at 300 Greensboro Street in Starkville, Mississippi. Parking is available in the front of the building or on Lampkin Street behind Soulflower. Text 662-268-8129 or 601-506-0416 for more information. No registration needed, just come as you are.