Tarot and Astrology with Kudzu Sage

Kayla Corinne McCarty joins hosts Emily and Krista to discuss her journey into metaphysics, Astrology and Tarot. Kayla will be available for Astrology Reading at the upcoming Holistic Fair on Saturday, May 6th at Soul Synergy in Flowood, Mississippi. Kayla will also be participating on a WITCHAID livestream on 5/7.

Kayla (she/her) is your local, southern-based nomad and freelance entrepreneur. She began her training in New Orleans and Minneapolis, and her gifts were further cultivated in Jackson, MS. In true Sagittarius nature, Kayla enjoys exploring the world and believes in living a rhythmic, intuitive centered life that is @guidedbythesol. Her brand name, @kudzu.sage, perfectly captures the essence of her wandering spirit and inquisitive nature, which has transformed into wisdom through life experiences. With her studies and love for travel, Kayla has been able to build a client base both locally and internationally. Her mission has always been to serve others, which is what drew her to spiritual work. Through esoteric practices, she’s able to provide guidance, support, and clarity to those navigating their journey in life.