Pop Up Meetup in Starkville at Soulflower Healing Arts Studio

FUN, JOY, PLAY! What a delightful afternoon we had in Starkville last week at our first Metaphysical Mississippi Pop Up Meetup. Soulflower Healing Arts Studio hosted the event and it was absolutely metaphysical!

The event started with mingling throughout the studio. Tangible objects like pendulums and divining rods were being playfully passed around measuring the energies in the room. Discussions of human design, astrology, hypnotherapy, Reiki, yoga and other practices were all a chatter.

Next, we all moved into the Meditation Room and got comfortable, shoes off, pillows tucked under feet, behind backs or bums. Miki, owner of Soulflower welcomed everyone and then turned the floor over to Amanda, who relaxed us with a sound bath. As I’ve shared many times, I’m a newbie to all the “Woo Woo” but I felt the vibrations of the room (of which my body was still vibrating, after the experience, 3 hours later). Magical, groovy, love energy was abound.

Krista, director of Metaphysical Mississippi, shared it’s history, mission, and the love she and I (Emily) have for the metaphysical community in Mississippi. Then we all shared a little bit about ourselves throughout the room. What happened within the circle, stays in the circle, so I won’t go into that. But I will say, I think it was a special moment shared by all.

We are hoping to head to another part of Mississippi in the Spring. So stay tuned, we may be heading to your hometown next!

Special thanks to all the team at Soulflower Healing Arts Studio for opening their space and hearts to us. And for sharing these wonderful pictures taken by Taylor Byrne.