Interdependence Weekend Retreat Flowering Lotus Meditation Podcast

Metaphysical Mississippi is thrilled to have our first guest host Beth Herzig share her latest podcast episode with us. Not only is she the host for Flowering Lotus Meditation (FLM) Podcast, she is also their Executive Retreat Director.

Beth speaks with Rev. Mikey Noechel and Andrew Chapman, teachers at Wild Heart Meditation Center in Nashville, TN. Flowering Lotus Meditation’s next residential retreat will feature both Mikey and Andrew as teachers. All are invited to come to the Interdependence Day Compassion Meditation Retreat happening July 6-9, 2023 in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Beth’s podcast covers:
“What’s a compassion meditation retreat? How do we face life’s suffering and pain? What is the point in experiencing pain? What’s going on with Buddhism in the Southeast?”

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If you’d like to listen to recordings of Mikey and Andrew’s teachings checkout the Wildheart”s podcast. @wildheartnashville

Registration for this retreat is on the Flowering Lotus Meditation’s website.

This episode was sound engineered by Flowering Lotus Meditation Program Director, Justin Otto, check out his podcast: Dharma Junkie @gulfcoastdharma

Permission was given by Flowering Lotus Meditation to share and be reproduced by Metaphysical MiIssissippi.

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