How Did We Get Here From There? Metaphysical Mississippi History

by Duann Kier, Metaphysical Mississippi Founder

Why in the world would someone create a website called Metaphysical Mississippi?

It began back in the summer of 2017. As a practicing professional psychic at the time—more about this later—I began getting messages that it was going to become incredibly important for the “new age” people in Mississippi to be able to find and support each other, especially during the changes that would be coming through the next several years. I knew many had already found each other through earlier groups, but I was intensely aware that there were still those so incognito that they felt alone, lonely and on their own because of their fears of how family, friends and coworkers would react to them. How were they ever going to find others like themselves if they didn’t feel comfortable confessing to anyone how they actually felt and believed? 

Soon the messages began to expand. It wasn’t just about those who had already awakened, but about those who would be awakening. How were they going to find those of us who could support them through their process? How would they be able to find the people, resources and services they would need locally? The messages expanded even further. It wasn’t just about those of us living here. It was also about those who would be led to move back to the state or to move here for the first time or even just to visit. There was a great spiritual awakening going on here and we would need all the help we could get. 

What we needed was a metaphysical “clearing house” in Mississippi where everyone could find and interact with each other and where practitioners could share who they were and what they had to offer. And timing was of the essence. I was told the foundational base needed to be laid and stabilized as soon as possible in preparation for whatever was coming. We now know some of what was coming included political upheaval and pandemic chaos, but there was also a revelational process that began back then with a story published in the New York Times on December 16, 2017 titled Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program. That story continues to unfold on almost a daily basis.

Soon the foundational components of the Metaphysical Mississippi website began to be birthed. We needed a Facebook page where everyone could continually interact with each other. We needed a Monthly Meetup where everyone could get and give support. We needed a Calendar of Events where everyone could find out what was going on in the community and go even deeper with each other. We needed a Directory of Services where everyone could go to find the resources and services they would need to support them on their journey. 

We all needed to find each other, and we needed to become more visible for others to find us as well. 

The very first monthly Metaphysical Mississippi Meetup was held on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 in a classroom at Antonelli College in Jackson. It was attended by over 60 people—many knowing each other, and others meeting for the very first time. I immediately began encouraging everyone to submit their listings to our Directory of Services and Calendar of Events so everyone would know who was doing what and when and where. 

The Directory of Services began to be filled with psychics, mediums, hypnotists, reiki practitioners, massage therapists, yoga instructors, and gifts shops with crystals, oils and incense. The Calendar of Events began to announce meetings and classes and retreats across the state. 

We became so popular that people from other states wanted to list their services and events, but from the very beginning I was told this was specifically about metaphysical Mississippians and those who had conscious connections with our state. 

And then in the autumn of 2019, I began receiving a new message—one that was about just me personally. We’re going to be separating and setting you apart for new work soon. You can find out more about this new work by visiting my website at, but suffice it to say, it necessitated my passing the Metaphysical Mississippi torch on to someone else. That someone else is Krista Tew and the excellent team she has gathered around her. Just wait to see where they will be taking you! I could not have left it in more capable hands. 

No matter how or when you found Metaphysical Mississippi, we’re delighted you’re here—and we bet you are, too! Subscribe to the newsletter. Join the Facebook group page. Submit your listing in the Directory of Services. Announce your events on the Calendar of Events. And join us in person for the monthly meetup. Krista and her team will welcome you with open arms and assist you in any way they can.