Green Witches Series: Living in Harmony With the Land

Join Emily as she chats with Mercury (Kelly) with Twin Moon Magick and Willow (Christy) with Littlefield of Herbs about all things witchy and green.

The last weekend of this month, the Temple of Witchcraft of Mississippi will be holding a Beltane celebration. It is one of the eight Sabbats and falls halfway between the spring equinox and the coming summer solstice. May Day marks the coming summer and is associated with fertility. This event is opened to the public.

Beltane Celebration and Drumming for Ritual with Paul Rowan and the Temple of Witchcraft MS

Join them in Canton, MS, as they turn the wheel in celebration of Beltane! This 2-day event begins Friday evening, April 28th, and continues through Saturday, April 29th, with a 3-session workshop led by Paul Rowan. Followed by a full Beltane ritual in celebration of the Divine marriage, including the Maypole dance and an ecstatic drumming journey to witness and take part in the conception of the universe by the union of primal powers. For more information, contact Sellena at (Location address shared upon completed registration).

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