February’s 2023 Mashup

I’ve been meaning to put together February’s Mashup for about a week, but something kept me from doing it. There is a lesson in there, sometimes when we think we are procrastinating, it really can be something else outside of yourself that needs to happen. That something for me was a precious video Soulflower Healing Arts Studio shared on Facebook from January’s Pop Up Meetup. I had many obstacles stacked up against me to make the over 10 hour round trip to attend. But I felt protected within my own personal mantra “Walk, Play, Trust”. And doing just that a seed planted long ago by my maternal ancestors blossomed into a cherished moment. Coming to a meetup and being in a group of people may not be your cup of tea, but connection can be made through so many different ways. Listening to a podcast, watching a YouTube video, participating in a virtual class, attending a holistic workshop, or yoga class, these are all ways we can start connecting. And I think making connections does spark love for others and one’s own self. – -Much love, Emily