Could Learning About Your Ancestral Ways Be the Missing Piece to Your Spiritual Wholeness?

Jessica Allen, an active participant in the Metaphysical Mississippi community, shares her memories of grounding herself before she even understood what that was. As a child, her hands were in the dirt and her bare feet were on the ground. She shares with Emily how connecting with her ancestors, with the help from Queen Cotaliya, helped fill the gaps she had in her spiritual journey.

” I am a student of the Conjure South Hoodoo Institute of Rootwork, Conjure, and Divination under the tutelage of her imperial majesty Queen Cotaliya of Mobile, Alabama. This journey into Hoodoo has allowed me to reconnect with my ancestral ways and glue the missing pieces of lost historic information within the African American community. My goal is to educate and debunk stereotypes of what others believe Hoodoo to be but MORE importantly create a space of respect for this practice from those of all walks of life. “

Jessica Allen

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