Sunny Gwen Kraft

Sunny Gwen Kraft
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Sunny Gwen Kraft
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Text at 601-218-4848 for more information or to schedule.

Sunny offers services of Aura Reading/Channeling. She channels messages and healing energy for people by seeing their auric field, spirit guides, angels and family members that have crossed over. She is an Intuitive/Empath who uses intuition and feelings to receive information from guides and Akashic records in order to help others understand issues and ways to heal.

Sunny is also a Reiki Master who balances energy in the body and spirit to remove negative energies and bring healing and restoration to an individual. She uses stones/crystal to transmit and receive energy while balancing and clearing all kinds of energies. She also guides individuals to reference materials regarding the use of stones in order to discover their meanings. Sunny uses spirit helpers/totem animals to act as an intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds to cure illness and other issues.