November Meetup Roundup: FULL MOON, FULL HEART

Last night, Holistic Health and Healing (my heart and home) was the venue host for our monthly Metaphysical Mississippi Meetup.  It was such an honor to have these two important parts of my life merge for the evening.  We had a great turn out. 

The evening started with friends, old and new, enjoying a little food and fellowship.   

When the meeting began, I started by telling a little about Holistic Health and Healing and introduced some of the practitioners who were in attendance.  We then discussed upcoming events in the community.  Several metaphysical businesses and practitioners in the area, from Starkville to the Delta, were in attendance and shared what they are up to. 

The theme of the evening was gratitude and abundance.  We shared in being grateful for our metaphysical community, and the spiritual blessings many of us have received.  Even in our struggles and hardships, we can see the beauty in the lessons and the growth that occurs from them.  On a personal note, I am very thankful for being able to serve Metaphysical Mississippi and have a space here at Holistic Health and Healing to practice my craft.

The group discussion was about the full moon.  The full moon is about embodying the energy of abundance and gratitude.  It is also a time of letting go and releasing.  Some members shared their knowledge and perspective about the significance of this lunar cycle and some of their experiences.  Others shared things they are releasing and their transition to new awareness on their journey.   

We ended the meeting with an exercise in writing our intentions, or things we are releasing or letting go of, on magnolia leaves.  With the magnolia being our state tree, state flower and part of Metaphysical Mississippi’s logo, it felt only appropriate for us to use this ancient tree and its magic as part of our night.  We explored interesting facts about this native Mississippi tree.  Attendees were also invited to write affirmations on stones that were provided and to keep if they liked.

As we departed, the lingering full moon was still out and there was a chill in the air.  Just a little teaser that Autumn may almost be here to stay a while.

If you missed out this month and did not get to come to the Meetup, don’t worry.  Go ahead and mark your calendar for December 14th.  However, instead of our usual Metaphysical Mississippi Meetup, we will be having a come and go Christmas Party.  Hope you can join us.  Stay tuned for more details.

Special thanks to our photo contributors Shari Crook and Antionette Wade.